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About the display module

Why do we make Linux display solutions

With the development of technology, the human-computer interaction scheme has been upgrading. At present, the development of human-computer interaction in some traditional fields is relatively slow. In the traditional field, there are many display solutions based on single-chip microcomputer, single-chip microcomputer + FPGA, which have solved the difficult problem of interactive development of color screen display for many customers; but with the increase of user needs and interactive content, traditional hardware limitations can no longer meet most of the problems Customer demand, so we made this product. Empower the convenient human-computer interaction experience program in the traditional field + the access capability of the Internet of Things, and help the development of the Internet of Things.

Product advantages

  • Compare the solution of traditional single-chip serial port screen or single-chip + FPGA display screen
  • Provides the latest interactive experience like mobile phones and tablet computers, with high customer acceptance, low product learning costs, and good display effects
  • Multi-layer virtualization technology is realized through software, which solves the problem of traditional display schemes limiting the number of layers
  • Support png format decoding ability, so that the image layer overlay effect is better
  • From the system level, it supports WiFi, Ethernet, 2G, and 4G access capabilities to provide customers with more convenient access to the network; at the same time, it is convenient and fast to access Deep Zhiyun, WeChat Internet of Things, WeChat Pay, Alipay and other platforms, which can be shared The industry provides fast IoT terminal solutions.
  • Provide video decoding capabilities, more convenient to display information to users.
  • Compare Android and traditional Linux solutions
  • Provides a stable hardware foundation for testing, saving the cycle of testing and verification of hardware development
  • Provide system development work for the Internet of Things + display, saving the time for the system to re-develop and debug the system on the Internet of Things and display
  • Provides low-cost and high-efficiency operating capabilities: The current system runs on 1G single-core CPU, 64MBDDR2, 16MB Flash, saving more than 50% of hardware costs
  • Provide development tools with configuration + user logic source code to facilitate customers to quickly complete customized development; the development cycle is at least 60% less than the traditional method.
  • The deeply customized system has the ability to quickly start in 3 seconds and operate safely in 24 hours * 365 days.

Application scenario

  • Smart home:

  • Smart Appliances

  • Shared industry

  • Elevator signs

  • Advertising player

  • Charging pile

  • Evaluation machine

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