FlyThings system framework introduction

This system is based on Linux system development, adding a self-developed system framework and GUI interactive system. We call it the FlyThings system. The moral is: the Internet of Things adds a flying ability

System target scenario:

The current Internet of Things industry is developing rapidly, and the level of LCD development in China has also been continuously improved and has entered the world's leading position. With the drop in the price of liquid crystal display, the demand for user window display, screening is coming. All displays will become displays.

In view of the current development, China Science and Technology has proposed a more suitable display solution at the current stage.

  1. Replace the use of Android in the following small application scenarios, such as home appliances, access control and other product scenarios with simple functions, high system stability requirements, and high cost-effective requirements
  2. Replace the traditional black-and-white display or MCU-driven color display solution, and improve the interactive experience in a low-cost way.
  3. The arrival of the Internet of Things and sharing scenarios has brought more demand for display windows and interaction. Provide system support with high cost performance and high stability.

System composition

  • Kernel
    • Based on the open source Linux 3.4 kernel version
    • Tailored and optimized for the IoT industry
  • system
    • Autonomous GUI framework
    • Web API
    • Multimedia Service
    • IoT platform access
    • Payment platform access capability
    • Remote update system capabilities
    • Ability to push messages remotely
  • Development support
    • Provide WYSIWYG configuration GUI development tools
    • Provide complete logic code open writing part
    • Continuously updated documentation and sample support
    • Constantly updated control package and system upgrade service
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