Music player

Create a ZKMediaPlayer object of type ZKMediaPlayer::E_MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO

static ZKMediaPlayer sPlayer(ZKMediaPlayer::E_MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO);

Register message monitoring

// The message monitoring interface is as follows
class PlayerMessageListener : public ZKMediaPlayer::IPlayerMessageListener {
    virtual void onPlayerMessage(ZKMediaPlayer *pMediaPlayer, int msg, void *pMsgData) {
        switch (msg) {
        case ZKMediaPlayer::E_MSGTYPE_ERROR_MEDIA_ERROR:
            // Error message

        case ZKMediaPlayer::E_MSGTYPE_PLAY_STARTED:
            // Start message

        case ZKMediaPlayer::E_MSGTYPE_PLAY_COMPLETED:
            // End of play message
static PlayerMessageListener sPlayerMessageListener;

// Register message monitoring

Operation interface description"/mnt/extsd/music/test.mp3");    // Play the file in the specified path
sPlayer.pause();    // Pause playback
sPlayer.resume();    // Resume playback
sPlayer.seekTo(int msec);    // Jump to msec time to play, msec unit: ms
sPlayer.stop();    // stop playing
sPlayer.isPlaying();    // Whether it is playing, return bool type

sPlayer.getDuration();        // Get the total time of the currently playing song
sPlayer.getCurrentPosition();    // Get the current playing time of the currently playing song

sPlayer.setVolume(0.5, 0.5);    // Set media volume, volume range: 0.0 ~ 1.0

[!Note] The audio file to be played cannot be too short, too short time may cause normal playback.

For the complete code, seeSample Code MusicDemo project in the control sample

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