After the product is developed, when writing the manual, you may need a screenshot of the running interface. You can refer to the following code screenshot.


  1. Downloadscreenshot.h source files, save them in the project jni directory.


  • Reference header file
    #include "screenshot.h"
  • Call the interface to take a screenshot
    static bool onButtonClick_Button1(ZKButton *pButton) {
      //Capture the current screen, save it as a bmp picture, and save it to the TF card directory
      //Each time this function is called, the name of the saved picture is incremented
      //E.g screenshot01.bmp、screenshot02.bmp、screenshot03.bmp
      return false;
    The default picture is saved to the TF card, so try to plug in the TF card and take a screenshot.
    If you need to save it to another location, you can modify the source code yourself.
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