FlyThings provides camera controls.

[!Note] Not all versions of the camera support the camera function! If you need to use this function normally, please purchase a version that supports the USB camera function.

How to use

  1. First, create a camera control, the default background color is black.
  2. View the attribute table of camera

    Set Auto Preview to On
    According to the connected camera model, select CVBS signal or not

  3. Connect the camera to the screen, then download and run the program, you can see the camera preview screen.

Start/stop preview

We can start/stop the preview screen through code control

  • Start preview
  • Stop preview

Camera to take pictures

  1. Implement the camera callback interface

    class PictureCallback : public ZKCamera::IPictureCallback {
       virtual void onPictureTakenStarted() {
         mTextView1Ptr->setText("Start taking pictures");
       virtual void onPictureTakenEnd() {
         mTextView1Ptr->setText("Picture is over");
       virtual void onPictureTakenError() {
         mTextView1Ptr->setText("Picture error");
       virtual const char* onPictureSavePath() {
           //Photo save path
           return "/mnt/extsd/camera.jpg";
  2. Instantiate the interface and register

    //Defined as a global static variable
    static PictureCallback picture_callback;
  3. Register the camera callback interface

    static void onUI_init(){
    static void onUI_quit() {
     //Remember to empty the registration interface when the interface exits
  4. Add a button, when you click the button, request a phot
    static bool onButtonClick_Button3(ZKButton *pButton) {
       //Request a photo
       return false;

Sample code

In this example, the camera preview and camera functions, and album functions are implemented.
For specific implementation, refer to Sample Code CameraDemo project

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