Use FlyThings integrated development tool for the first time

If you have successfully installed FlyThings IDE, then on your desktop, find the ZKSW-Editor shortcut shortcut and double-click to run it.
If you delete the shortcut, you can also find ide in the bin folder in the installation directory and run it directly.

Choose a workspace

When you run the tool, the following interface will pop up.

  • Workspace is used to store related settings and historical records. You can understand it as a container, which can manage multiple projects at the same time, so there is no need to run multiple development tools at the same time.

    Select Workspace

    Welcome Screen

    If you open the software for the first time, or choose a new workspace, then you will see a welcome interface like the picture below. It provides two shortcut functions: New Project and Import Project

    We are not in a hurry to New Project , first select Close welcome interface in the upper left corner to close the welcome interface.
    If you want to reopen the welcome interface, on the top menubar , select Help -> Welcome menu in turn.

    How to open the welcome interface

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