Function description

The window is actually a container part. It can contain all the controls, or it can contain a new window again. Can be used in the following scenarios

  • Show and hide a control combination
  • When you need to complete the tab page, you can switch between different windows through multiple windows
  • Pop-up dialog
  • Pop up floating box

How to use

  1. Create a window Control,The default window is transparent. You can add a background image or modify the background color according to your needs; you can also add other controls to the window.

  2. In the attribute table above, there are two attributes that need to be explained:
    • Whether it is a modal window
      If it is modal, when this window control is displayed, click outside the window, the window will be automatically hidden. If it is non-modal, the display/hide of the window control must be controlled by itself.
    • Automatically hide window after timeout
      If it is a modal window, the window will start counting from the beginning of the display and will be automatically hidden after the specified time. The unit is seconds; if the value is -1, it means that it will not be hidden automatically. If it is non-modal, then this parameter has no effect.

Code manipulation

For window controls, we generally involve the following functions

//Display window
void showWnd();
//Hide window
void hideWnd();
Determine whether the window is displayed
bool isWndShow();

Dynamically set background

If we spread the window all over the screen and then set the background of this window, we can achieve the effect of modifying the screen background.

  • Related interface

       * @brief set background image
       * @param pPicPath picture path
      void setBackgroundPic(const char *pPicPath);
       * @brief Set background color
       * @param color -1, the background is set to transparent; other color values are 0x RGB, and the color value does not support alpha
      void setBackgroundColor(int color);
  • Usage example

      //Set the image of the path /mnt/extsd/bg.png as the background image of this window control
      //Set the background color of the window with ID window1 to red
      //Set the background color of the window with ID window1 to green
      //Set the background color of the window with ID window1 to blue

    Many controls have interfaces for setting background color and background image, and the methods are the same.

Sample code

Demonstrates the use of modal/non-modal window controls

For the use of specific window controls, refer to the WindowDemo project in the Sample code

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